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AI - The dramatic focus topic at the Hannover Messe - Comment from our CIPO Sascha Donner to the AI ​​in the industry


"First and foremost, we are worried about the subject ..." "We are obviously too good to realize that the swan song on the industrial site of Germany has already begun," says the association representative [Ansgar Hinz, VDE]. "Especially when we talk about decisive future technologies, methods and cross-sectional competencies, we are still a mediocre average in the world comparison." Anyway, Hinz is certain: "The Made in Germany brand is fading."

Above all, the subject of Artificial Intelligence, or AI for short, is driving the industry representative. "Germany has not recognized the dimensions for years and rested on its prosperity and status quo. Now the competitive position is modest compared to Asia and the US ", says Hinz with reference to the current VDE-Tec-Report 2019. ...

German AI companies need much more support and new technologies are used more courageously. Especially in the field of B-to-B, there is still a chance to find an international connection, if now traded. With EVANA360, EVANA offers the tailor-made solution for the real estate industry.

The strength lies in the combination of industrial process and automation know-how with a modern AI method kit. "It's only possible with a clear focus."

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Source: Welt

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