Intelligence for Your ­ virtual and transaction data rooms

EVANA identifies the type and the content of documents by artificial intelligence, so that a large number of documents can be selected in short time. A very high data quality is reached by the intelligent system – time and costs are saved. The data are available in clear reportings and in a dynamic database. Lists of all tenats and management data can be extracted directly from the documents. Upon request, the data can be verified by branch experts and legal specialists.

In addidtion, the documents can be organized automatically in any data room architecture. They can also be tagged with several attributes or exported in any different formats. The data are available for all user groups (owner, evaluators, asset manager, property manager, etc.) in a document management system that can be accessed in your local network or in a mobile application. You keep the complete control of all data room content with flexible access rights in a modern security architecture.

EVANA sets a new standard with the first complete virtual data room which can be instantly converted into a transaction data room. By transferring data and documents into a uniform system, EVANA offers maximum transparency and security for big property portfolios and – for example – Loans.

Unqualified data room

Integration of your data from existing systems into the EVANA system.

of documents

The type and the contents of your documents or files are identified by artificial intelligence and verified.

Qualified data room

Your documents will be arranged in the desired data structure, tagged and exported subsequently in different formats.

Evaluation &

The relevant values are selected by algorithms and the documents can be archived in an intelligent document management system. They can also be tagged and archived automatically.

Application &

Reporting-App with simulation and export in any format for the further evaluation.


EVANA is a company that specialises in analysing databases and documents using the latest algorithms. The target markets are the real estate, insurance and legal sectors which face challenges due to the volumes of data they have to handle and the need to process this quickly. The name EVANA is made up of the terms Evaluation & Analytics.

As an important global business capital, Frankfurt offers the ideal main location for the enterprise. The development site is located in Saarbrücken. The Saarland‘s capital ranks – thanks to the Saarland University – as one of the most popular IT locations in Germany.

Alongside algorithmic evaluations, the team is supported by branch experts who verify the results obtained and ensure they are legally sound. As part of who we are, to obtain excellent results and to provide customers outstanding protection, we offer tailored solutions for comprehensive liability.

Advantages at a glance

The EVANA-algorithm uses a combination of artificial, semantically and swarm intelligence. It enlarges with every selected document and adapts itself to the user.

The contract data whose extraction ordinarily occupies your employees or lawyers weeks or months can be extracted in short time.

The correctness of the data is checked up to the desired level of detail and quality. They can be evaluated as well.

Data rooms are created, cleared up and the data are transferred in real-time into the IT system. The data appear as usual on the personal PC or mobile device.

All data and documents are accessible for you and your external partners in a mobile application which appears in the corporate design of your company.

Our customers

Our prospective customer base includes large businesses in the property, insurance and legal sectors.
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