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EVANA AG specializes in the evaluation and analysis of data bases and documents using state-of-the-art algorithms. Documents are sorted into a data room structure and exported into different formats in order to be available to customers. This range of tasks naturally includes the processing of a large amount of data, including personal data that is subject to special legal protection, like e.g. information concerning specific individuals contained in rental agreements.

As EVANA AG is aware of the implied responsibility concerning the data of our customers (and, in turn, their customers), we do not only comply with the statutory minimal requirements but have defined a new set of data protection standards. As such, EVANA AG warrants a level of data protection that takes into account future technological and legislative developments.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) entered into effect in May 2018, effecting the EU-wide unification of data protection laws. The regulation emphasizes the individual responsibility of companies processing personal data and aims at the creation of internal corporate data protection management structures, e.g. relating to transparency, comprehensible data protection regulations, duties of documentation, standard settings (“privacy by default”) and data protection related impact analysis concerning the implementation of data protection procedures.

EVANA AG has been following this approach since its foundation by implementing internal corporate data protection guidelines that exceed statutory requirement and are formulated as a Code of Conduct. The Code of Conduct treats data protection as a matter of course and the guidelines strengthen our employees’ sense of responsibility and duty, providing strong guidance regarding the processing of both personal and non-personal data that is applied everywhere at EVANA AG. Our guidelines define binding regulations, e.g. regarding the principles of proper data handling, data transfers or order data processing, or the rights of affected persons. As cloud solutions and international data transfers represent the new normal, EVANA AG places special emphasis on secure storage locations and transmission channels.

This self-commitment corresponds to the ideal foreseen by EU legislators of a company that is aware of its responsibility for the data it processes and that proactively implements technological and organizational measures to provide the highest possible degree of confidentiality and data security.

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